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"FITIS: Pioneering Sri Lanka's Digital Transformation and Economic Growth"

Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) play a major role in the ICT Industry Sector in assisting the Government of Sri Lanka in its effort to develop the digital economy through DigiEcon 2030 programme. FITIS along with other IT industry associations plans to increase Sri Lanka’s IT Industry revenue from USD 3.75 Billion (reported in 2021) to USD 15 Billion by the year 2030.

In 1996, the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) was established with a visionary goal “to provide a centralized platform for Sri Lanka's ICT industry”. Over the years, FITIS has evolved into the leading authority in the country's private sector in information and communication technology, encompassing a wide array of industry segments, including system integrators, hardware vendors, software development firms, training and education institutes, telecommunications companies, office automation vendors, and ICT professional bodies. In a rapidly changing IT technology background, FITIS has been at the forefront of driving change and innovation in Sri Lanka's ICT sector for the past two decades.

In the context of developing the digital economy of Sri Lanka, FITIS plans cooperate closely with the Government in transforming the ICT industry sector in the key areas that are essential to sustain the growth of systems and services in the digital domain.

In digitalizing public services, FITIS plans to provide expert consultation to the public and private organizations, promote digital literacy across the population, support e-government initiatives, and foster increased penetration of digital devices through high speed broadband connectivity. FITIS, through its industry members, aims to elevate the ICT sector's contribution to the national economy. Initiatives include collaborating with government bodies to develop effective policy frameworks for digital transformation.

FITIS is committed to enhancing its member value proposition by developing market intelligence tools, negotiating with industry vendors, and offering technology and business-related programs. Additionally, FITIS aims to expand the ICT workforce by partnering with educational institutions and launching a graduate conversion program.

In its role as a regional player, FITIS is an active member of organizations such as ASOCIO and APICTA, enabling it to position Sri Lanka's ICT industry on the global stage. FITIS has also fostered collaboration with government bodies, promoting the "IOI" (Island of Ingenuity) brand to showcase Sri Lanka's ICT and knowledge services to the world.

To ensure that Sri Lanka becomes a digital nation, FITIS emphasizes the need for widespread awareness and adoption of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, robotics, and data science. Government policies should promote the use of these technologies while educating decision-makers on their significance in economic development.

FITIS acknowledges the crucial role of education in shaping the digital future. To this end, FITIS advocates the introduction of ICT education at the school level, preparing future generations to harness the full potential of ICT in their chosen fields. There will be several major ICT events including INFOTEL2023 ICT Exhibition, APIASIA Conference, DiGiGo Empowering SMEs, and many more being revived as the environment is conducive for these events now. All these events will be conducted under the guidance of Ministry of Technology digital transformation Programme.

In conclusion, FITIS is dedicated to making ICT a driving force in Sri Lanka's economy. By digitizing government and private sectors, promoting technology adoption, and fostering a culture of innovation, FITIS envisions a future where Sri Lanka competes globally and thrives in the digital age. The journey may be challenging, but with steadfast commitment and a shift in mindset, Sri Lanka can accelerate its progress toward becoming a technology-savvy nation, ready to take on the global market and secure its place in the digital economy.

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