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A body corporate should satisfy the eligibility criteria of at least one Chapter of the Federation in order to become a member of the Federation. If a body corporate satisfies eligibility criteria of multiple Chapters, the body corporate will be eligible to represent multiple chapters of the Federation.

Eligible members may apply for the membership in duly completed prescribed application to registered office address of the Federation


Chapter(s) you are applying for

Organization Contact Information

Organization Information

Industry Focus

Primary Nominee for FITIS

Secondary Nominee for FITIS

Declaration by Applicant

We hereby declare that we have read and understood the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applicable to all members of FITIS appended to this application. We agree to abide at all times to the spirit and letter of the said Code as amended from time to time. We acknowledge and understand that failure to comply with the provisions of the said Code are grounds for disciplinary action resulting in suspension and / or removal from FITIS membership, on due deliberations by the Executive Committee of FITIS. We are attaching the following documents as requested: (1) Copy of Business Registration (2) Copy of latest audited financial report (3) Company Profile (4) Cheque for membership fee.

Entrance Fee: LKR 25,000

Membership Fee: LKR 25,000

Administration Fee: 5,000

Thanks for submitting! We will review and get back to you with the next steps really fast.
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