Core Services / Member Benefits of FITIS

FITIS strives to deliver demand driven commercially viable services which will add value to its paid up members, potential members and non-members in the following areas,

Professional Recognition

Government, Statutory Boards, Industries, Educational Institutions, Professional Bodies and ICT Industry related organisationslocally and internationally

Continuing Professional  Development Programmes

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Courses, Educational Tours and Discussions

Industry Update

Publications, Newsletters, Dialogues, Annual Reports, Cyber/ Internet postings.

Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct 

Guidance on Professional Practices.

Professional/ Business Networking

Social Gatherings, Luncheon, Meetings, Dinners, Professional Interactions etc.

Research and Development

New Technologies, Equipment, Products and Services in the ICT industry.

Industry Representation

Working Committees in Statutory Boards and Other Professional/ Industry Bodies.

Career Opportunities for Students

Counseling, Career Talks and Exhibitions

Discounts on Training Courses

Discounts on publications, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Courses and Educational Tours

Business Promotional Events

Exhibitions, Trade Fairs etc.

Use of Logo

The use of the FITIS logo on stationery.

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