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  • To create, foster & promote recognition of the intrinsic intellectual, commercial, economic value of software amongst the public at large and users in specific.

  • To promote & disseminate useful experience on ICT in particular on the

  • Hardware industry so as to enhance the contribution of these to the growth & development of the Sri Lankan National Economy.

  • To organize Open Forum to discuss the industry pain points with Government Authorities.

  • To offer training programs partnering with industry cooperates, professional ICT trainings that facilitates public and private sector training needs in networking and hardware installation which would lead to A+ Certification.


It is an honor to serve as the president of Hardware Chapter as pioneer of the FITIS chapters. Also, I would like to extend my greetings to all the members and computer hardware channel partners, system integrators, distributors and all the companies who are involved in computer hardware and related businesses.

As, we are in the industry of computer hardware and related services, we have over an 800 channels partners in the country. Our objective is to serve all the industry partners at this very crucial post COVID-19 period. Most of the businesses are resurrecting from pandemic. Our industry partners also require lot of support and guidance in this period. We are expecting to contribute to the benefit of the industry.

Further, this year we are looking for membership drive to have more members from various regions from the country.

We are just starting the year with many hopes as last two were spent mostly with limited physical meetings and gatherings. A new culture has been introduced to the world called WORK FROM HOME. While supporting and facilitating WFH with latest technological products post COVID we are experiencing US$ shortage for our regular imports. Since country’s technological backbones are computer hardware products and it will be one of our key objectives finding solutions for imports of computer products.

Further, since we couldn’t do much during COVID period I am expecting to re-start our key events in the calendar. INFOTEL, OPEN FORUM with key regulators, CRICKET CARNIVEL and DIGITAL MARKETING, HR, FINANCE training session ASAP.

The key objective of my tenure as the president will be:

· strengthening the chapter membership and providing more benefits to members and the industry.

· Finding solutions for the problems faced by industry.

· Facilitating member companies to bridge the gaps between Govt. authorities in imports.

· Facilitating for a better procurement process.

I would like to thank the members, industry partner, corporate partners, regulatory authorities, ICTA and all other event sponsors for the support in during last several years. Without you all our journey would have not reached this milestone. We are expecting to work with you all much closer in a pragmatic way where our country can reach greater heights with robust technological products.

Gnanam Sellathurrai
President – FITIS Hardware Chapter

Our strength is our members. Each organization in the membership brings in immense value with their skilled pool of team members.




Being the Apex ICT Industry Organization in the country, we invite Practicing ICT Professionals, Decision Makers from corporate sector, Academics, and Corporate Entities in the ICT arena to join hands with us.

Chapter Executive Committee

Recognition by the Government and Private Sector.

Wide experience and expertise in diverse fields of ICT industry

Quality and consistency of Service

Continuous government-industry interface for evolving a shared vision on industry matters

Reliable and competent associate in public-private partnership

Public/ industry perception as a pioneering industry body

Unified and collaborative approach in addressing industry issues.

Above 200 members

Membership in international alliances


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