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  • To build a knowledge society to contribute immensely for national property and  there is a great opportunity to guide youth to capture the opportunities presented  by new developments in ICT.

  • To develop and enhance the ICT Literacy of the ICT Industry work force, Tertiary  and Secondary students and teachers.

  • To build up a workforce with the academic and soft skill that is required for the  ICT Industry through the Higher Diploma in Digital Technology (HDDT) Program  which is equivalent to first two years of undergraduate Degree, with the   partnership and support of National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA).

  • Conducts ICT Career Guidance seminars to make the students aware of ICT and to  use ICT for education and the Career which was held as a parallel event of Infotel  National ICT Exhibition was the one of latest seminar.


Today leaders of countries in the world have identified the importance of Information and Communication Technology and Digitalization to develop their economies of their countries. Corona Virus pandemic has accelerated the usage of digital technologies and has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness which played a crucial role in keeping the society functional, and business and life to continue as normal to a certain extent.
Today the Government and the IT industry in Sri Lanka have understood that there are major opportunities in the IT industry to increase the IT export income to over US $ 5 billion within the next few years. But today the IT industry is facing a huge challenge to expand due to the shortage of skilled IT professionals. In the job market there are plenty of IT certificate holders without the required skills level to match the global requirement.
Education and Training Chapter of FITIS with over 20 reputed educational institutes in Sri Lanka as members plays a vital role to fill the skills gap by identifying the proper requirements of the IT industry and to provide quality education in IT to the youth maintaining the highest standards. The IT education should be combined with at least a 6 to 12 months internships with IT industry training for the students to get the proper exposure and to understand the industry work environment.
I would like to invite IT Associations in Sri Lanka to join hands with FITIS Education and Training Chapter to exchange feedback on IT Education and industry requirements through IT Forums, meetings etc.
One of my main goals is to improve the communication between the IT Industry and IT educators so that we can create quality IT professional to the IT industry which will help to minimize the shortage of skilled work force in the industry. In return IT companies will be able to increase the export income and bring more US $ to Sri Lanka.
We also conduct IT career Guidance programs and workshops to educate youth of the importance of IT. Today there is a very higher demand for IT professionals locally and internationally which offers very high salary scales. Also, with global digitalization all the industries such as Banking and Finance, Transport, Tourism, Agriculture, Health, Engineering etc. are using digital technology to carry out their day-to-day activities. Today a person can have the highest degree in their respective field but without the IT knowledge they cannot find an employment as every industry field is using IT digital technology.
FITIS Education and Training chapter works closely with the Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, UGC, ICTA, VTA, NAITA etc. to improve the quality of IT Education and to make sure that the students who leave Schools and other Educational Institutes are employable and will be able to contribute towards the economy of the country.
All member Institutes of Educations and Training Chapter (FITIS) are highly reputed institutes which provides quality education to Sri Lankan youth. To join the Education and Training Chapter of FITIS a company should maintain the highest standards in every aspect as per the guidelines given by FITIS and FITIS has certified and accredited all these institutes as Quality Educators. Students can join FITIS member institutes to follow their education without any hesitation due and observe their Kids performing well in their selected Career path.
I invite all Educational institutes which provides IT education to join FITIS and gain bundles of benefits such as higher recognition in the society, join major events organized by FITIS such as INFOTEL National IT Exhibition, Career Guidance programmes for School students / Teachers, IT workshops for Students and Teachers, networking sessions with Schools, educational institutes and Professionals in the IT industry to expand their business opportunities.
FITIS E & T chapter acts as a negotiating body to represent the Members on matters concerning It Education, by having discussions with the Government of Sri Lanka and instrumentalities thereof.

Vajira Karunaratne
President — FITIS Education & Training Chapter

Our strength is our members. Each organization in the membership brings in immense value with their skilled pool of team members.




Being the Apex ICT Industry Organization in the country, we invite Practicing ICT Professionals, Decision Makers from corporate sector, Academics, and Corporate Entities in the ICT arena to join hands with us.


Vajira Karunarathna  


AIMS College of Business & IT (Pvt) Ltd

Vice President

Amila Bandara

Chief Operating Officer

Esoft Metro Campus

Assistant Treasurer

Ilham Marikkar


Amazon College


Sachith Karunarathna

Head of

AAT Computer Training Centre


Dr. Sampath Kannangara

Executive Dean / CEO

International College of Business & Technology (ICBT)

Past President

S P Romesh  


Asian Business College

ExCo Member

Chaminda Ranasinghe

Associate principle

Australian College of Business & Technology (ACBT)

ExCo Member

Rasadari Sajeewa Ranasinghe

Senior Assistant Manager

Gateway Centre for Information Technology 

Assistant Secretary

Christie Samuel


Infinity Centre for Higher Studies


Upul Dasanayake

Director /CEO

VSSL Global (Pvt) Ltd.
National Consultant - ITC
United Nations


Dr. Kithsiri Machchanayake


AIMS College


Dr. Viraj Pinto Jayawardena

Managing Director 

MATRIX Institute of Information Technology (Pvt) Ltd 

Chapter Executive Committee

Recognition by the Government and Private Sector.

Wide experience and expertise in diverse fields of ICT industry

Quality and consistency of Service

Continuous government-industry interface for evolving a shared vision on industry matters

Reliable and competent associate in public-private partnership

Public/ industry perception as a pioneering industry body

Unified and collaborative approach in addressing industry issues.

Above 200 members

Membership in international alliances


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