About the Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS)

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) was set up in 1996 with the purpose of giving a much-needed focal point for the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Today, FITIS is the apex body of the ICT sector in the country covering all major industry segments such as Hardware, Software, Training & Education, Communication and Professional. FITIS which has been actively contributing towards changing the landscape of Sri Lankan ICT industry during last two decades has many “firsts” and “bests” to its credit.

 Further, FITIS works towards shaping and leading the strategic direction of the ICT industry in the country. With a cumulative membership of over 200 active business firms in ICT industry, FITIS is committed to foster a healthy growth of the industry focusing on resolving policy issues, lobbying with state authorities, co-operation and alignment with regional and global industry bodies and promoting harmony and innovation within the ICT industry. A unique feature of FITIS is that it represents all ICT companies irrespective of their scale of operations. FITIS is a prominent advocate for the expansion of Sri Lanka innovative capacity and stronger productivity across all sectors through the strategic use of ICT technologies. FITIS is a nonprofit but membership-driven organization and the membership is open to all companies and organizations in Sri Lanka that are involved in ICT business.

FITIS is committed to help its members achieve greater success through advocacy, Public Policy, Education Networking, Professional Development, Events and Business Development opportunities in domestics and Foreign market.

FITIS Member Chapters

  1. Hardware Chapter
  2. Software Chapter
  3. Education & Training Chapter
  4. Communication Chapter
  5. Digital Service Chapter
  6. Office Automation Chapter
  7. Professional Chapter (ISACA)

‘To be the trusted and unified voice of the ICT industry in Sri Lanka’


‘Contribute towards making Sri Lanka the most preferred IT/BPO destination in Asia, leading digital society that continuously delivers prosperity, and competitiveness in the global market’

  1. To promote, encourage, foster the development and safeguard the interests of anybody corporate of Information and Communication Technology Industry.
  2. To act as an advisory, consultative or coordinating body for anybody corporate of the Information and Communication Technology Industry.
  3. To represent the members of the Information and Communication Technology Industry to negotiate on all matters concerning the industry in all discussions of the Association with the Government of Sri Lanka.
  4. To promote and liaise with other bodies, with similar objects with a view to facilitating the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience.
  5. Formulate, maintain and publish Codes of Conduct to be observed by the industry and to promote and encourage high standards of conduct, service and performance throughout the Information and Communication Technology Industry. So as to develop the confidence and respect of the public;
  6. To encourage and foster ethical and professional standards of work and conduct for members of corporation and to take such steps as are necessary to promote the same.
  7. To interact with the Government or any public bodies with view to promote the interests of FITIS and the Information and Communication Technology Industry.
  • Recognition by the Government and Private Sector.
  • Wide experience and expertise in diverse fields of ICT industry
  • Quality and consistency of Service
  • Continuous government-industry interface for evolving a shared vision on industry matters
  • Reliable and competent associate in public-private partnership
  • Public/ industry perception as a pioneering industry body
  • Unified and collaborative approach in addressing industry issues.
  • Above 200 Memberships
  • Membership in international alliances

A body corporate should satisfy the eligibility criteria of at least one Chapter of the Federation in order to become a member of the Federation. If a body corporate satisfies eligibility criteria of multiple Chapters, the body corporate will be eligible to represent multiple chapters of the Federation.

Eligible members may apply for the membership in duly completed prescribed application to registered office address of the Federation.