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Sala Enterprises

Sala Enterprises was established in 1992 by its present Managing Director Mr. Chinthaka Wijewickrama and has successfully completed 29 years in the Sri Lankan IT market. Within a very short period of time, SALA has reached new heights, entering the market of high quality ‘IT’ products. SALA Enterprises initially focused on marketing Electronic dictionaries, but diversified into computers, computer peripherals and electronic items and ranks highly among the best market leaders in the computer field and holds a customer base of over 5000, comprising of Government Ministries, Banks, Communication service providers, Hospitals, Mercantile sector organizations and private individuals as well today.
SALA now deals with some of the world’s most recognized brands such as PROLINK, FUJITSU, DELUX, EMARC, SEIKO & ALCATEL and operates with more than 5000 customers island wide. SALA’s team of highly skilled experienced professionals strives to provide high quality cost effective solutions by understanding the client’s requirements and fulfilling their needs within the least possible time. The visionary steering SALA Enterprises into greater heights is its Managing Director, Mr. Chinthaka Wijewickrama, who not only shapes the corporate policy of the Company but also serves as the think tank, and the industrious spokesman for the complete range of products marketed by SALA. He expresses his vision succinctly, that he needs to understand the customers better, leveraging the opportunities provided by their access to the latest Information technologies to give the customers better products and services.

Sala Enterprises



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