The FITIS Communications Chapter, which had been dormant for some time, was re-launched in 2015. Its membership was broadened to include companies concerned with the business of the Internet, Internet-based and Internet-related services and solutions, telecommunication services and other ICT services. The Internet and the Cloud are becoming essential parts of both our personal and corporate life, and the FITIS Communications Chapter represents the companies which build and deliver this vision.

The chapter is working on issues in Cloud Computing and e-Payments, and will take up other issues of interest to members. The Chapter – together with the CSSL – was instrumental in organising the National CIO Forum. The committee successfully held 4 CIO Forums during last year.


I invite all companies who meet the eligibility criteria to be a member of the largest unified ICT industry body in Sri Lanka. I also invite existing FITIS members to join the Communications Chapter.

Chinthaka Wijewickrama

President FITIS Communication