I am honoured to issue this message on the occasion of publication of the FITIS Annual Report for the year 2017-18. I am privileged to have served as the President of the Hardware Chapter of FITIS during 2017 – 18, when FITIS had an outstanding year. I am proud of the fact that this year has been a successful year for the FITIS Hardware Chapter as well.

As in the past, the main event in our calendar was Infotel, Sri Lanka’s largest national annual ICT Exhibition. The theme for this year’s edition of Infotel was “25 years and beyond towards a Digital Economy”. We as the hardware chapter feel happy to be part of the success of this year’s Infotel as we also contributed our fullest support towards it.

We also conducted the annual Cricket tournament. In addition, FITIS managed to organize three CXO forums which saw a large number of


participation from the industry. Industry experts of merging areas such as Cloud computing, Information security etc. were invited to be the key note speakers of these forums. Our chapter participated enthusiastically and contributed significantly in the initiative of FITIS to forge strategic alliances with Ministry of Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure and other stake holders.

We have taken another significant initiative as the Sri Lanka Computer Vendors Association (FITIS Hardware Chapter) and our board members have already approved to start CISCO Networking Academy in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure and CISCO. This academy will facilitate public and private sector training needs in networking and hardware installations which will lead to A+ certification. I should thank the board members of the hardware chapter for given me fullest support for this

Many organizations were gracious enough to be sponsors of the above events. I have no doubt that their financial sponsorship has contributed greatly in making the above events successful. I was fortunate to have a good team of members who shouldered most of the above responsibilities and it is due to their untiring effort that we have managed to achieve a successful year. I sincerely thank all the executive committee members of the FITIS, Ex Co & members of hardware chapter, staff of the Secretariat and other stake holders for their support.

Let me take this opportunity wish FITIS all the success in future.

Fazloon Sheriff

President – FITIS Hardware Chapter